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A five card spread, recommended for those who are new to tarot, and/or new ​as a client. Also for those who are seeking a more brief type of reading

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A nine card spread, recommended for those who are familiar with me, ​or are just seeking a more in-depth reading.

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About your reader

After having gained 4 years of experience reading tarot and oracle cards, I wanted to improve upon my card reading skills. So I decided to pursue a diploma, at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, where I am currently learning how to integrate coaching skills along with my intuitive abilities.

My mission is to use my tools and intuitive abilities to support those on their healing and spiritual journey.


How will I receive the reading?

  • You will receive your email reading via the email address you used when you purchased the service through Square. So please make sure to use an email address that you’d prefer for me to send the reading to.

When will I receive the reading?

  • You will receive it within 3-5 business days. The email that you used to purchase ​the reading will be the email that I send it to. If you purchase a reading on a non​-business day, it will be treated as if it were purchased on the next occurring b​usiness day

Am I able to receive a refund?

  • Only when you decide you no longer want to receive a reading. You will need to let me know AT LEAST 24 hours from the set time of your purchase your reading, via email or text, that you would like to cancel, and a full refund will be issued. Otherwise, once you receive the reading there are NO refunds. So please decide carefully if you would like to purchase from me. When exactly you receive the funds depends on your bank’s processing time.

I received a message from you saying I need a reading?

  • I will NEVER directly message anyone to solicit a reading. If someone posing as ​me contacts you to convince you to buy a reading, that is a SCAM! I will not be ​reimbursing you for any funds lost to a scam artist, so please be careful about ​who is contacting you.

How can I get into contact with you if I have any questions or concerns?

I just got a reading, now what?


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Certain readings can reveal unwanted energies or unveil heavy, repressed emotions. Be sure to implement a cleansing of your choosing to remove the energies that do not serve your highest good. Here are some cleansing practices you can consider.


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Keeping yourself hydrated helps in keeping your mind clear, assists in ridding the body of waste, can help reduce anxiety and stress, and improve one’s energy.

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Spiritual work and healing work can become quite taxing. Be kind to your mind, body, and spirit, and be sure to give yourself plenty of rest so that you can continue to be productive and functioning.

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Tues, Thursday - Saturday

10am-7pm (PST)

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